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For Non-Government Organizations (NGO): Participation FAQ

It’s a simple proposition; B1Community Foundation organizes an event with fun attractions for kids. NGO’s use those attractions to raise money for their cause. That’s it. Learn how your foundation/team/organization can be a part of AWAcadabra 2016.

Please review the rules carefully

Please take your time to review the rules and also to explain these to your volunteers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Veronica Olarte or one of the B1community board members.

Participating NGO’s must::

  1. Be officially registered as an official foundation at the Chamber of Commerce;
  2. Help promote Awacadabra via social media, radio, television, flyer and posters. The exact tasks will be discussed with the B1community staff;
  3. Be present during set up on July 1st to learn about the assigned attraction;
  4. Have sufficient (minimum of 4 volunteers) present during the entire duration of the AWAcadabra event on July 2nd, 2016 – to manage the assigned attraction; the exact number of volunteers depends on the assigned attraction. This will be discussed with the B1community staff;
  5. Be present at least 1 hour prior to kick-off of Awacadabra event on July 2nd, 2016;
  6. Assign one volunteer/representative to attend with press during the event;
  7. Allow press to take pictures, film etc during the event;
  8. Assign one volunteer/representative to handle all issues with B1community staff members during the event;Wear matching t-shirts or uniforms during the AWAcadabra event, so your volunteers and/or organization are easily recognizable;
  9. You are encouraged to enhance your assigned attraction with decorations that reflect your foundations’ cause. B1community will provide 2 tent’s per attraction.
  10. You are permitted (read: encouraged) to sell merchandise of your foundation or raffle tickets for your cause. Use any means – within reason – to increase donations to your cause;
  11. Make sure that the name of their foundation is visible and stands out for everybody to see and recognize. For example; a sign, a banner, etc;
  12. Must have a kid-friendly information board – for instance, underneath the sign – containing information of your foundation;
  13. Hand over the ticket box to a B1community staff member at the end of Awacadabra 6:05pm;
  14. Clean up around your attraction and don’t forget your belongings at the end of Awacadabra;

Non-compliance with these rules may result in the attraction being re-assigned to another foundation. In order for Awacadabra 2016 to be a huge success, we expect your full support and cooperation. We thank you in advance.

What kind of attractions are there at ‘AWAcadabra’?

AWAcadabra is a unique ‘coney island’ experience for kids. Think of waterslides, dino jumps, bumper boats, trampolines, carousels and much more. This year we already have 12 attractions lined-up. More attractions may be added later.

How can my organization raise funds at AWAcadabra?

Each attraction at the event is paired with a local non-government organization (NGO). Entrance to the park is free, but kids pay a small fee per attraction. 100% of funds collected by the attractions go the participating NGO’s. AWAcadabra is not a commercial initiative. AWAcadabra is a fundraising attraction park, raising awareness in youngsters by connecting Kids + Fun + Community.

Do NGO’s need to pay?

AWAcadabra is free of charge for NGO’s to participate.

What is expected of NGO’s?

In order to participate NGO’s need to meet a few requirements; number of volunteers at the day of the event, level of involvement, etc. Come to the information evening on April 5th and learn more.
In 2015 we helped 10 NGO’s raise money for their cause. This year we already have 12 attractions lined-up and aim to double the total amount raised. Don’t get left out.

Who is B1Community?

B1Community Foundation is a group of 5 young professionals working in various sectors, here in Aruba. It’s a young, multidisciplinary group with a fresh outlook on things, and the will to organize cool events for kids – with a strong community involvement. Check out the About B1 section for more information.

Two major changes compared to last year's event!


Donations will be evenly distributed

At last year’s event, each NGO took home 100% of the funds collected at their attraction. This resulted in huge discrepancies in the donations received by each NGO. In an attempt to make it more fair for every NGO involved we have opted to centralize the collection of donation, and evenly distribute the donations amongst the participating NGOs. This is similar to the restaurant business, where all waiters put their tips in a single pot and distribute it evenly after their shifts. This system is fair and encourages NGOs to work together.


Lottery will decide who participates

Based on last year’s success, there is an increase in NGOs who are willing to participate this year. However, the beach coney island will remain roughly the same size as last year’s event, estimated 10-12 attractions. That means we can only provide 10-12 local NGO to opportunity to raise funds for their cause at this year’s event. To keep the who-gets-what-attraction process fair, a lottery will determine which NGOs (who have signed-up) will be selected to participate. NGOs can sign up until May 20th. A lottery – and announcement will follow soon after. Don’t miss out.